Galeon Owners Club

Galeon Owners Club is an organization exclusively for Galeon yachts and Galia motorboats owners. Our goal is to promote an active lifestyle and yachting as a form of pastime activity while connecting our customers and creating bonds. Our members have the opportunity to join us on our cruises and meetings where they will get a chance to greet new crews and learn about their vessels. This exchange of experiences proved to be beneficial for all, extending the knowledge and know-how between the members as well as creating a network of similarly minded people. Join the Galeon Owners Club!

Owning a luxury yacht is lifestyle choice, a conscious decision to actively spend the precious free time at your disposal. We want to promote and develop this way of thinking by inviting all Galeon owners to become GOC members. Discover nature, connect with people and share experiences – venture into the unknown!

A trip through the canals


The 2017 edition of Galeon Owners Club took us on a journey through rivers, canals and bridges to finally end up in the historic city of Elblag. A fleet of Galeon yachts traveled together forming a formidable lineup, rarely seen in those parts. The scenic background is largely unoccupied and in part a breeding ground […]

Concert at the pier


Galeon Owners Club 2016 took place in the tri-city area in Poland. We started early in the morning at the Galeon Marina with some breakfast and hot coffee, after which we took the 11 yacht armada through the canals in Gdansk. After we reached the bay, heavy winds and waves made us seek refuge at […]

A trip through the canals


The sixth Galeon Owners Club trip, once again, has taken place near the Vistula overflow but this time a new marina in the city of Krynica Morska was our final destination. Thanks to all the experience from the year before we quickly divided all the yachts into smaller groups which made passing the water gates […]

The Elblag excursion


For the fifth GOC trip we selected an enjoyable trip through the canals and Vistula overflow all the way to the city of Elblag. W met up at the Galeon marina, where a whole range of Galeon yachts and Galia motorboats awaited in readiness. On the way we divided the lot into smaller groups to […]

Party in Sopot


After the success of the third edition, we decided to host the GOC meeting at the Sopot Pier again. This time however, even we were surprised by the number of Galeon Yachts and guests that decided to come. Almost one hundred members, dozens of yachts from Poland and abroad – the sheer sight of this […]

GOC at the Pier


For the third GOC meeting we selected the famous Sopot Pier, one the landmarks of the Polish coast. Thanks to the perfect weather, our already large group was joined by Galeon owners from Kaliningrad. In this multinational company, the GOC members enjoyed themselves on a specially prepared part of the pier up until late night. […]

Rendez-vous at the Bay


The second GOC meet up took place at the Bay of Gdansk and brought together dozens of Galeon yachts and Galia motorboats. The teams took off from Gdansk, Gdynia and several other harbors to meet at the Vistula estuary for a cruise. For many of the crews it was a first opportunity to have a […]

The Bornholm trip


For the inaugural Galeon Owners trip we selected an ambitious destination – the Danish island of Bornholm. Our party decided to follow the coastline heading to Darlowo with a quick lunch break in the city of Leba. The all day trip went smoothly due the kind weather and a calm sea. In Darlowo the whole […]